Pictou County Postcards
Vintage Postcards from Pictou County, Nova Scotia


In the 1960s and 70s Stellarton had a place that made rib knit sweaters. Every year my grandmother would take us over to Stellarton, for her annual quota of sweaters for the grandchildren. The store employees would get out the tape measures and write down the measurements and generally make a big fuss over us while my grandmother would make her choices. I think the attention made her buy more...greats salesmanship at work. I guess those visits to Stellarton are the reason why I still love rib knit turtlenecks!

What I loved about those visits were the old knitting machines that were usually running when we were there. I would have happily stood there all day long, watching those machines with the needles flying up and down! Originally the company was called Donato Faini Textiles. A company called Rare Knits Limited was later formed by two of the employees when Donato Faini Textiles failed. I see that they are still listed in the Yellow Pages and on the internet, but I do not know if the company is still in business. I do know that in 2006 the owner and his wife retired and the knitting machines went to the Nova Scotia Museum. There are two of these machines on display at the Nova Scotia Museum, and I thank them for having posted photos of this unique piece of machinery from Stellarton's past.