Pictou County Postcards
Vintage Postcards from Pictou County, Nova Scotia


Known years ago as Big Carriboo (or Carribou) Island, the longer spelling was shortened and changed over the years to Caribou. The village is best known for the ferry terminal with ferries running seasonally to the Wood Islands, PEI. My grandfather would sometimes take us out to watch the ferries come and go, and I vaguely remember going to a childrens theme park somewhere near there.

Check out D.C. Lockhart's website at http://www.carribooisland.com/, for some interesting historical information and pictures of this area.


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Collection ID#: PC 00423
Photographer: Arthur Lane Studios, Toronto, Ont.
Printer: Real Photo postcard
Publisher: Arthur Lane Studios, Toronto, Ont.
Postmark: None. Unused card.

This postcard and PC0424 (shown below) are the only two postcards of the Pictou County that I have ever seen from the Arthur Lane Studios. Arthur Lane Studios were in Toronto, Ontario. Whoever the photographer was, it seems he went on a Canada wide trip in the 1950's, as there are other real photo postcards from the same time period, from Canada's western provinces. I can find no other references to this studio other than these few postcards, so it would seem that postcards were not a successful venue for this studio and they gave it up after a short time.


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Collection ID#: PC 00424
Photographer: Arthur Lane Studios, Toronto, Ont.
Printer: Real Photo Postcard
Publisher: Arthur Lane Studios, Toronto, Ont.
Postmark: None

If you look closely at this card, you see that there is a double decker bus parked on the dock with people walking out onto the dock. The ferry is arriving at the dock although there does not appear to be much of a line up of vehicles (and most of the vehicles that are on the dock are pointing away from the ferry) Perhaps it was the last ferry for the day and people were just waiting for the arrivals.


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Collection ID#: PC 00507
Printer: Unknown - Real Photo postcard
Publisher: Unknown
Postmark: Aug 13, 1957, Pictou, NS

The sender of this card was likely in for a long wait till the next ferry. She wrote " Dear Mom & Pop: Arrived safely at Caribou 7:05 but did not get on the first ferry. Now in cafe getting a snack. It is a beautiful day here & it was nice driving here this morning. I suppose we will be in PEI about the time you will be getting up. Ha!Ha! Love Bea & Morris." The card was addressed to Mr & Mrs W. Smith, 212 Almon St, Halifax, NS