Pictou County Postcards
Vintage Postcards from Pictou County, Nova Scotia



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Collection ID#: PC 00524
Ray D. Applegate, R. D. #3, Great Barrington, Mass.
Printer: Valentine, JV logo with 104640 in it
Publisher: Ray D. Applegate, R. D. #3, Great Barrington, Mass.
Postmark: Unused

This is a rather curious card, in that the photo was taken by Ray Appelgate of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, but the card was clearly printed by Valentine (as their logo & number appears on the front of the card. Ray Appelgate published a book called Trolleys and Streetcars on American Postcards in 1979, and he travelled to different places taking photographs for his collection.

Valentine also printed this card with the same number on it in colour, but on that card there is no mention of Mr Appelgate.


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Collection ID#: PC 00582
Printer: Grant Bros., New Glasgow & Stellarton, NS, 4851 (number obscured by handwriting)
Publisher: Warwick Bro's & Rutter, Limited, Printers, Toronto
Postmark: Oct 14, 1907 - West River Station and Oct 14, 1907, Sydney & Halifax

This card was mailed to Mr. J. R. Baillie, West River Sta, Pictou County, NS. Unfortunately, the sender's handwriting is not readable,

Y. M. C. A. Building, Stellarton, N.S.

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Collection ID#: PC 00613
Printer: Unknown
Publisher: Grant Bros., Stellarton
Postmark: Mar 13, 1914? - Stellarton

Although this card is titled YMCA Building, when you zoom in on the image you can see that the main floor of this building was actually occupied by a branch of the Union Bank of Halifax. This bank was given it's charter in 1858 and operated until 1910, when it was taken over by the Royal Bank. This image therefore predates the mailing date by a number of years. Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_Bank_of_Halifax for an interesting overview of this bank.

The recipient was Mrs. Wm. H. White, West River Station., NS. The sender, with return address of Box 68, Trenton writes " Dear Tina, Arrived safe. Well its time enough so I'm the proud Aunt (illegible). Lizzie McPherson was down and wanted me to go up with her, but not till week after next. Tell Willie my fire is dandy. Love to all. Yours lovingly. Vio H."


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Collection ID#: PC 00619
Printer: Valentine, Printed in Great Britain
Publisher: Valentine & Sons Publishing Co., Ltd., Montreal and Toronto, Card #104639
Postmark: Unused card

This near mint condition postcard is warmly coloured and clearly shows a great deal of detail in the photograph.